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                                In the name of the most  high

                                                   A sample lesson plan(book1/lesson2)


Number of students: 17


Method:direct method

Objectives:We will learn about “it” as the subject of a sentence and it is used with be and a noun phrase,and adjectives  or a verb.They will learn, in these sentences, it has no real meaning. It is used to fill the subject position in the sentence.

Teaching aids: Pictures – real objects – book – black or white board


T:Good morning every body.Are you all well today?                        Ss:Good morning.fine thanks.

T:Is anybody absent?                                                                           Ss:yes/no,…..

After asking some question about the previous lesson ,I will start the new lesson by introducing the new words.

                                                                  1-Showing a picture   (cow-monkey-coconut)                                     Teaching new words by:              2-Match stick drawing  (on top of the,…..)

                                                                  3-Showing a real object.

                                                                  4-Miming,using actions and facial expressions.(climb)

A combination of techniques are used in the above:

1-T:look this is a monkey.(pointing to the picture),monkey.                 Ss:monkey

   T:what is it?                                                                                           Ss:a monkey

   T:(By drawing a picture on the board or showing the picture of the book )where is the monkey?

   T:The monkey is on top of  the tree. Where is the monkey?               Ss:The monkey is on top of the tree.

In this way all the words will be taught. Giving opposite and synonym for some words is useful for example: clever #lazy                ripe #green                  climb # go up              farm hand # farm worker

Field # a piece of land                        raise # grow   

Reading comprehension:

T:  1- making the students interested in the story or narration of an event if the reading comprehension material is.       

 2- Reading out some comprehension questions I intend to ask later and after reading.

  * ( This approach directs the students to listen selectively and look for the answers to the questions                                            while I am reading the text.)



  3- Reading out the passage at a normal speed or play the tape and let the students listen to the material in silence.

4-Handing out the printed questions which have been read out to the students as a pre-listening activity. Allow them a suitable amount of time, and ask to give their answers.(the questions can be written on the board instead of printing.)


Language function:

1- ask the students to close their books.

2-Ask the students some questions about the subject for making a situation.

T:Homa,where do you come from?                               Homa:I come from Nokhandan.

T:What’s your address?                                                 Homa:We live on Imam Khomeini avenue.

3-Introducing and writing some special words necessary for the students to know on the board.

4-Now we play the tape (or act out the conversation in the absence of such recording.)

5- Ask the students to repeat the whole or a part of the lines after me or the tape.

6-Ask the students to open their text books and explain to them the content of the language function.

7-Ask them now practice with a friend.


Presenting structure:

1-books are closed because the students should rely on their ears.

2-Give a situation and an example: It is difficult to walk in the dark.

3-chorus repetition.

4-Write the sentence on the board.

5-T:It is necessary to speak correctly.                                 Ss:It is necessary to speak correctly.

6-substitution drills:

T:easy/speak English                                                        Ss:It is easy to speak English.

T:important/study hard                                                     Ss:It is important to study hard.

7-Free practice: Making each student make a sentence in forming new structure.


Pronunciation practice:

T:Saying the correct pronunciation of the words ,specially placing the stress on the right syllable.

Ss:listen to the teacher or tape and repeat what they hear to improve their pronunciation.

/u:/ as in   ( zoo         too        soup            rule                cool            true             you          who)                                                                  

 /u/ as in    (good      book      put              should )


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